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Half-day Waterfalls, Board, Bungee, Beach & Bar!

Short on time but still want to enjoy the tropical paradise of Cairns?  Sleep in for the morning, get some friends together and let us take you to some of the local spots such as Crystal Cascades that will have you loving Cairns for
Adventure Value!

2D1N Atherton Tablelands

Want to get out of town and soak in the beauty of the Cairns region?  This 2 day 1 night camping roadtrip takes you into the Atherton Tablelands and lets you spend time in the natural landscapes that make the region so famous! 
The Deluxe!

3D2N Atherton Tablelands

Why rush it?!  Do it the Aussie way!  This 3 day 2 night camping itinerary of the Atherton Tablelands lets you really get a feel for the local area whilst soaking in the beauty of the natural landscapes completely.  More time, more experience!