Short on time but still want to enjoy the tropical paradise of Cairns?  Sleep in for the morning, get some friends together and let us take you to some of the local spots such as Crystal Cascades that will have you loving Cairns for all that it’s worth.  

WARNING:  The tour description doesn’t read like a normal tour… because it’s not a normal tour!  It’s a relaxed roadtrip with an experienced guide but the choices are yours.

We’ll drive you to Crystal Cascades and Fairy Falls where you can explore to your heart’s content for hours!  There’s also the options to go wakeboarding or bungee jumping if that’s your style…and we can get you up to 20% discounts if you want to shred the cable park or get your elastic-adrenaline fix!

Later in the day you’ll get a chance to soak in mountain views and sample some local beer at the Mcalister Brewery.  Topped off with a relaxed vibe and various food trucks on certain days!

Our last stop lets you enjoy a swim in the ocean at Holloways Beach (they have a stinger net, so you’re safe!) or simply indulge in a cheeky beverage at the local bar if you want to watch the waves roll in against the beach…

On our way back to Cairns we’ll continue the bangin’ beats and banter for the home-stretch of our little roadtrip around Cairns.  Make some dinner and drinks plans with your fellow passengers in time to be delivered back to the city!


Cairns Esplanade Greyhound Bus Stop (near the lagoon and council office) or your Cairns address 

DEPARTURE AND RETURN TIME  Pick ups 10:45am-11:15am and returns to Cairns 6pm

Cairns Esplanade Greyhound Bus Stop (near the lagoon and council office) or your Cairns address 

TOUR DURATION Half day, approx 7hrs
WEAR/TO BRING Food (available along the way), water bottle, towel, swimmers, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, wallet & a camera to capture your good times!


Free time –  Ask us about your wakeboarding & bungee options and we may be able to arrange up to 20% off your price!
Refrigeration – We have a fridge onboard the bus for you to put your food and beverage in!
Fresh drinking water
  Unforgettable memories.

Unique experiences to the Cairns region.

New friends.

  Additional food and drink.

  Optional external activities and attractions.

  Self-guided National Park hikes, swimming, wildlife spotting and other activities at.  It’s your free time and doesn’t cost you a cent: be safe, have fun and leave nothing but a footprint!

*Food items supplied as optional extras to the tour will be subject to medical dietary requirements communicated to us at booking.  If we are unable to adhere to certain requirements, guests will be notified. 

External activities will incur additional fees. All additional activities are subject to availability of the external providers and must fit within the tour allotted timeframe so as not to impact upon other traveller’s itineraries and the overall schedule of the tour. 




11am-11:45am Pick ups & drive from Cairns to Crystal Cascades & Fairy Falls carpark or; Cairns Cable Wake Park!


11:45am-2:15pm Hike through the rainforest, swim at the waterfalls, photograph, sun-bake or shred some wake. Free time to get that tropical goodness in!


2:15pm-3:45pm Now it's time to head for the AJ Hackett bungee tower... Get your thrills with a bungee jump from above the rainforest canopy with a water dunk waiting at the bottom or; swing through the jungle with your friends on the Minjin swing. Fancy a bit more of a relaxed approach..? Take in the stunning views from the tower that stretch out to the Coral Sea or unwind at the licensed bar and cafe. The beats are always pumping there!


3:45pm-4:45pm A short drive to the Mcalister Brewery where you can enjoy a locally brewed beer & some snacks from a local food truck whilst taking in the mountain range views.


4:45pm-5:45pm Holloways Beach. Get some sand between your toes & take a dip in the ocean in the safety of the stinger nets or; maybe just savour a refreshing drink at the local bar whilst watching the waves roll in... They also do great meals!


5:45pm-6pm The roadtrip is nearly over but the adventure never ends! Along our return leg to Cairns, make some dinner plans with your roadtrip gang and enjoy recalling your perfect day in tropical paradise!

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